The Denver Connection


Denver: Unparalleled Location and Spirit


We are empowered by the uniqueness of our home in Denver, Colorado. The Rocky Mountains that frame Denver stand at the center of North America, connected to the American Cordillera mountain range, which reaches from the Gulf of Alaska, through the Canadian Rockies and the Andes, to the southernmost tip of Tierra del Fuego. At The Biennial of the Americas, we leverage Denver’s collaborative and innovative environment to seek solutions to the complex problems facing our world.

Colorado is ideally suited for this kind of examination, with a tradition of “circling the wagons”, rolling up our sleeves, and overcoming differences to find common ground. In Denver, people are welcomed and judged only by their ideas and their willingness to work hard, not by where they came from. This open and entrepreneurial spirit imbues the hands-on work we do during the Biennial and yields innovative ideas, investments and action.