biennial of the americas


what is the biennial of the americas?

The Biennial of the Americas is an international fusion of art, music, culture and thought-leadership built to unify North and South America. We’re committed to convening and connecting leaders from the business, academic, civic and cultural sectors who make solutions to our shared challenges a reality. Formed around the transformational idea that the North-South axis across the Americas is a vast and largely untapped resource for business, cultural and social opportunities, we assemble the most innovative leaders in the western hemisphere for the only festival in the world focused exclusively on the Americas.



Since its inception in 2010, Biennial of the Americas has been dedicated to creating a more prosperous future for all citizens of the Americas. To accomplish this mission, Biennial has inspired creative solution-making amongst global leaders in the fields of business, workforce development, entrepreneurship, and trade to provoke conversation and to jump-start international investments.



The Biennial recognizes that a sustainable world is the foundation for progress in the Western Hemisphere and beyond. Our goal is to facilitate smart growth by connecting advocates in communities across the Americas in order to magnify their impact. Our plan involves mitigating the impact of physical and political barriers to promote cohesion and prosperity while eliminating conflict.



The Biennial understands that strong partnerships begin with strong relationships. Our cultural programs celebrate the shared heritage of the Americas, recognizing that our closest neighbors are also our strongest trading partners and closest friends. We host international summits to find cohesion in culture, and gather to celebrate that culture every other year in Denver, CO.

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Denver Festival

At the 2019 Festival we will convene renowned experts and leaders from throughout the Americas for four days of events, workshops and performances designed to inspire critical thinking, accelerate and transform our business and social connections and promote action. This year’s festival theme is “Empathy in Action” and will showcase the people and ideas across North and South America that are moving beyond divisions to build solutions to the most important issues we face together.

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Americas Summits

The ongoing work of our Americas Summit Series unearths fresh ideas and supports cultural and business development while accelerating opportunities for cross-cultural connections. We set the stage for productive exchange by orienting delegates in the cultural landscapes in cities across the Americas. Each Summit builds our network and yields a return delegation of invited guests who participate in subsequent Biennial of the Americas festivals.

ongoing programming

The Biennial is a year-round platform for dialogue and leadership development in the Americas.The platform also features ongoing projects like the Black Americas Project and the Youth Congress for Sustainable Americas, as well as a variety of events curated with our partners in Denver.

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