This year the Biennial programming features international speakers and attendees from over fifteen different countries in the Americas speaking on themes ranging from Artificial Intelligence to Sustainable Fashion and how empathy is fueling compassionate discourse on some of the most challenging issues of our time. 

Choose from nine FREE daytime clínicas to hear about how leaders are using empathy to create change.

  • Invest in the Business of Empathy at our headline event, the Americas Symposium featuring Sir Richard Branson, showcasing his career highlights and the entrepreneurial spirit that has led to his success.

  • Join us for a panel on Power in Migration, in partnership with the The Latino Leadership Institute and the Center for American Progress, to explore the real challenges - and opportunities - of migration in the Americas. 

  • Attend a workshop with Michael Ventura on Applied Empathy to learn about the practical applications of empathy in the business world and leave with a signed copy of his bestselling book!

Whatever your interests, we are confident that our programming will question your convictions, broaden your knowledge and leave you inspired!