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empathy through films screenings

2:00 - 6:00 PM | Sie Film Center 

Film has the unique capacity to transport viewers and expose them to experiences they might not otherwise encounter, cultivating greater compassion and empathy for others. Join us for this impactful film and panel session with filmmakers and creatives who are inspiring viewers across the world. In partnership with Denver Film, SeriesFest & Bloomberg Philanthropies. 

Tribes on the Edge 

A documentary produced by CauseCentric Productions, directed and produced by Céline Cousteau – explores the timely topics of land threats, health crises, and human rights issues of indigenous peoples, expanding the view to how this is relevant to our world. More than a film, it has grown into movement driven by a passionate effort to enact tangible impact in the Javari through education, advocacy, and activism initiatives. 

Paris to Pittsburgh 

From coastal cities to America’s heartland, Paris to Pittsburgh celebrates how Americans are demanding and developing real solutions in the face of climate change. And as the weather grows more deadly and destructive, they aren’t waiting on Washington to act.